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{Arms wrapped tightly around a stuffed rabbit, he buries his face into its head, sighing almost contently. The bunny brings back happier memories. Memories of when his childlike innocence was still in tact, times when things were so much simpler and happier… Damn, footsteps? He tosses the plush far away, regaining regal composure the best he can.}


♚ — “That, erm..that wasn’t mine…”

—; “… Yeah, alright. “

       This couldn’t be Ciel Phantomhive could he? The Queen’s lotal guard dog, his family held rich history as well as dark which is lead to his own family wanting to form a relationship with his— His father wanted a alliance in business with him but Ed suspected that someone as high as Ciel wouldn’t go for such an offer when he does so well on his own.

           He finally comes into the heir’s office with the assistance of his personal butler to come in to… this display?

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—; Totally didn’t make a Hetalia blog last night. 

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—; The urge to create a Hetalia RP blog is strong— HELP ME, I got too many blogs already! No Geo!

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OutofAlchemyBooks—; What time is it?


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—; “My head’s gonna kill tomorrow from sugar rush, but it’s worth it. “

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Robin yawned, stretching as she walked. She had just returned with her brother, Link, from goat herding. She had told her brother she was going to explore the village grounds. She climbed up the watching post, nodded at Rusl who was sitting with his wife by the stream, and finally landed on the rooftop of Sera’s shop. She smiled at a familiar sight. There was a blonde boy sitting on the roof, with the family cat nestled beside him. She sat down beside the boy, relishing the beautiful sun the day offered them.


—; Edward paid no heed to the newcomer and continued to read, the blonde couldn’t go a day without a reading a page from anything— he was like a sponge and absorbed anything he read making him quite smart… he believed himself to be a lot more wise than the other village kids who thought him being glued to books was a waste of time and thought trying to hit birds with a slingshot was a better pass time. Idiots.

       Edward flipped a page to his book, his hand reaching out to scratch at the shop owner’s cat for a moment, letting his book rest in his crossed lap— reading let Edward unwind, when he wasn’t being constantly pecked and jumped on by the chickens or fixing up the chicken coop, he’d sit anywhere and be absorbed in a book but it was merely a pass time, his favourite activity was being his training, the blonde was intent on becoming strong.

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—; Mun chilling whilst she enjoys her chocolate and manga x

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—; “Found it! “ 

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"Hey, Brother, look! I found twelve eggs!"

—; “Twelve alre—”

      “Yeah well, I got twenty! “

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